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Name: Rob Age: 152. And a half. SN: I don't do IMs. I use the… - Long Island Singles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Dec. 12th, 2004|05:49 am]
Long Island Singles
Name: Rob
Age: 152. And a half.
SN: I don't do IMs. I use the phone.
What you look for: gold. I think there is gold in these hills, but though I search and search, I find merely diamonds.
Sexual Preference: On top.
Describe yourself: I am a 3'0" tall, 900 lbs man. I am bald, and wear two pairs of glasses simultaneously.
Photo (Remember to use lj cut if it is a large photo):

Location on Long Island: The north south west shore, but on the eastern side of town. It borders Queens and Patchogue.
Hobbies: I collect stamps and bottlecaps, and then throw them at people.
Why you joined: Felt like it.
Favorite place to hang out: There's this special club that only stamp collectors can go to. I think I could sneak you in if I tried, but there'd have to be something in it for me.
One Secret: Ask, and I'll tell. Unless I don't feel like it. Look, if you have to ask twice, you're not meant to know.
Three most important attributes you look for in a potential partner: I will not answer this question, as the sheer brilliance and romantic nature of the answer would cause you to fall madly in love with me and compel you to sex me up.
And though I love you, I love you as a friend. Deal.