Long Island Singles

Single and living on LI

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This community is for people who live on Long Island in NY and are single. Of course like every community we have rules.

1. Be respectful of others.
2. No promoting your community without permission from me. You may im me at cexy1978 or email me at myheartbr0kex@yahoo.com for permission.
3. Do not be rude or make fun of someones sexual preference.
4. This is not required but if you could fill out the form when joining this way we all can get to know you and what you are looking for:

What you look for:
Sexual Preference:
Describe yourself:
Photo (Remember to use lj cut if it is a large photo):
Location on Long Island:
Why you joined:
Where did you hear about us:
Favorite place to hang out:
One Secret:
Three most important attributes you look for in a potential partner: